What if I need someone else to collect my child?

Please ensure that our teachers have been notified that someone else will be collecting your child. An Authorized Pick Up Form needs to be completed and sent to our teacher before they will send your child home with anyone who is not listed on the Registration Forms.

What does my child need to take to school?

Every child needs clean indoor shoes, a small backpack/bag with an additional set of clothes (accidents sometimes occur that may require a change), and a small, nut-free snack.

It is also important to ensure that your child has seasonal clothing for outdoor activities as we aim to go outside as often as possible (ie. Snow pants, hat, boots, and mittens for winter outdoor play time. A rain jacket and boots for rainy weather. Etc.)

What does a typical day look like?

Choice Time: After arriving, the children have free play time, when they can enjoy and explore the toys and materials within the classroom. A daily craft or art activity will also be available. During this time the children will be developing important social, reasoning and regulation skills as well as improving pre-academic skills such as colours, shapes, counting, spatial concepts etc. The children will be encouraged to clean up at the end of this time, to help foster social responsibility. 

Circle Time: Circle time is a chance for the children to all sit together; the activities may include stories, calendar and weather discussion, attendance, songs, exploring materials and more. This is an interactive group gathering which will reflect the interests, abilities and needs of those in the class. 

Snack Time: The children and staff all sit together to eat nutritious snacks in order to refuel their bodies and minds. This is a time for children to learn more about food, manners and social skills. 

Fitness Time: It is important for children to master fundamental movement skills to help them navigate their environment and make appropriate decisions in relation. During fitness time we will rotate through a variety of motor activities such as the playground, dance, obstacle courses and movement to help foster this development. 

End of Day Circle: A chance to say goodbye to their friends as well as work on some comprehension and language skills during “Question of the Day” time. 

Special / Enrichment Activities: Once a month we have Mrs. K come to enjoy a music class. We also have in-class field trips, e.g. Mad Science and enjoy regular cooking activities, special celebration days and project activities.

How does a parent-run, co-operative Preschool operate?

The Preschool is guided by a Parent Committee, with input and guidance from our teachers. Every parent has a volunteer role; roles range from monthly toy cleaning to librarian to handyman to photographer to roles on the parent board. There is no mandatory in-class volunteering, but our teachers welcome any parent who would like to spend time helping out in the classroom.

Our parent-run Preschool is a unique opportunity to have input on and interaction with your child’s education.

Is there a volunteer aspect?

Yes. Each registered family is required to volunteer for a position ranging from being a member of the Parent Committee to playdough maker. We do not require compulsory in-class volunteering, however, parents are welcome to sign up for optional in-class volunteering as we believe it is very rewarding to be a participant in your child’s Preschool experience.

Is there a fundraising program?

We offer parents the opportunity to help enhance our program (while keeping fees low) by participating in our fundraisers. We have 2 year-round fundraisers: Mabels Labels and Skip the Depot; as well as several other fun fundraising events, including our Annual Christmas Bake Sale at the Dalhousie Community Centre Craft Fair and our Preschool Spring Fling.

I need to withdraw my child. Can I get a refund?

The registration fee and Dalhousie Community Association fee are non-refundable. Withdrawal over the summer months must be received by July 31st for you to receive a full refund of tuition fees. 

One month’s notice is required to receive a refund on the monthly tuition (e.g., if you withdraw your child on October 1, you will receive a refund for all months starting on November 1; if you withdraw your child on October 15, you will receive a refund on all months starting December 1). No partial month refunds are available.

Can I pay via e-transfer?

Yes, in addition to cheques, we now accept e-transfer payments. The necessary information and documents required for this are located under our Registration page.

What happens in the event of an emergency evacuation?

In the event of an emergency evacuation the teaching staff will gather the children and leave via the closest exit and gather at the muster point outside the Dalhousie Community Centre for a head count. 

If, within one hour, the fire department determines the Preschool is safe to enter, the teaching staff and children shall return to the Preschool classroom. If, after one hour, it is still unsafe to return to the Preschool, parents will be called to collect their child. 

If weather does not permit going outside, parents or emergency contacts will be called immediately to pick up their child.

Where can I find important policy information?

Certain abridged policies can be accessed here.

Policies relating to fees, fines and notice periods are available in our Parent Handbook. A full copy of our Classroom Policy document is available upon request and is also located in our classroom.